Simple Login Extension for Flask

The simplest way to add login to Flask!

So why Flask Simple Login?

Sometimes you need something simple for that small project or for prototyping.

Flask Simple Login

What it provides:

  • Login and Logout forms and pages

  • Function to check if user is logged-in

  • Decorator for views

  • Easy and customizable login_checker

  • Basic auth for API endpoints

What it does not provide:

  • Database Integration

  • Password management

  • API authentication with Token or JWT

  • Role or user based access control

Of course you can easily implement all above by your own. Take a look at example.


First install it from PyPI:

pip install flask_simplelogin

Flask Simple Login depends on Flask-WTF and WTForms, as well as on a SECRET_KEY set in your app.config.

Quick start

from flask import Flask
from flask_simplelogin import SimpleLogin

app = Flask(__name__)

That’s it!

Now you have /login and /logout routes in your application.

The user name defaults to admin and the password defaults to secret — yeah that’s not clever, let’s see how to change it!